Site Visit Program
Join us to get more experiences 2nd November 2017 1PM -5PM (Transportation included)
ONLY 30 USD (Booking before 20th oct)

The Elderly Health Care Center
The Thai Red Cross Society
Comprehensive and continuous healthcare services for the elderly
Applied Thai traditional medicine
Physical medicine & rehabilitation
Acupuncture and chelation
Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara
Geriatric Hospital
The elderly care clinic by multidisciplinary professionals
Health promotion programs and anti-aging programs
Huay Yai
Health Promoting Hospital
Family care team
5-multidisciplinary professionals
100 healthcare volunteers for 12,000 people in communities

1. Elderly Health Care Center Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital, The Thai Red Cross Society 2, Moo 4, Bang Phra, Sriracha, Chonburi, 20110, Thailand

            This center provides comprehensive and continuous healthcare services for the elderly from the hospital to home. There is a service system for healthy, vulnerable, or dependent elderly people which meet families and communities with high quality care needs. Services also include activities related to preparation for individuals who will soon become the elderly, reduction of disease risks and improvement of the quality of life for people using physical medicine and rehabilitation, modern medicine, applied Thai traditional medicine, acupuncture and chelation. This is also a learning resource in providing care for the elderly.

Program includes
        -Opening talks: background and the scope of the services
        -Multidisciplinary home healthcare (presentation)
        -Elderly care unit
        -Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
       -Exercise for the Elderly
       -Applied Thai Traditional Medicine
        -Thai massage experience & afternoon break with Thai sweets and fresh herbal drinks
       For more information, please visit www.somdej-elderly.or.th, or call +66(0)38-109-420

2.Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara Geriatric Hospital, Chonburi

             This place provides services that promote, prevent, treat and restore imbalanced health conditions for the elderly. Not only do we take care of sickness but also integrate, develop knowledge models and distribute them for people. Therefore, there are a variety of research to promote and fill knowledge gaps, and a place for educational training for healthcare personnel.

             Medical services include
1. The elderly care clinic by multidisciplinary professionals.
2. Physical therapy clinic: provide physical therapy in patients with musculoskeletal, neurology problems, and medical health counseling.
3. Hydrotherapy: a water exercise service for the elderly. This includes a hydrotherapy pool, body massage in a bathtub or a pool.
4. Health promotion programs such as anti-aging programs.
5. Room service for the elderly: provides health services throughout the stay.
6. Special services include nutrition assessment.

3. Huay Yai Health Promoting Hospital, Bang Lamung, Chonburi

Huay Yai Health Promoting Hospital, primary care unit, in Bang Lamung community, provides health care by a multidisciplinary team for all age groups. A multidisciplinary team consists of 5 health care workers, 106 healthcare volunteers for 10,756 people in surrounding communities.

Based on a unique Thailand context, we will exchange knowledge about work of physicians with public and a multidisciplinary team in order to improve community health care at large.